Wow! can a bitch get ugly!

A movie distributed by a company called Cinema Epoch, who took over the distribution at a time of the Witchcraft franchise from Troma. Every time I ┬ásee the company logo I always think that they are a Christian production company. The people who own the company my go to church every Sunday, but I’ve only seen their horror releases.

Similar to Witchcraft, Mausoleum is not a movie Cinema Epoch made but something they own the rights to and released. It’s an oldie, made somewhere in the 70s or most likely 80s which maybe the reason for the bad sound (a rumbling noise that occurs from beginning to end sounding like wind bushing up against a mic) It was so fucking annoying. It made a bad movie so much worse, so much!

So Mausoleum is about a women seducing the most stupidest horniest men on earth (I should note that horny and stupid go hand to hand when it comes to men), so that she can kill her in her cool demons monster form. Not fully sure why she’s killing them, all I am sure of is that her husband thinks it’s a problem that can be fix with therapy (in all fairness, dude works a lot so he never gets to see Susan’s true form only the bitch).

Would love to tell you more about the movie but the horrible humming makes it too annoying to talk about