It’s entertaining factor comes from all of the movies it obviously rips off

Remember a movie called the Hard Way? Micheal J Fox plays a pampered movie star who goes on a ride along with a tough as nails New York City cop played by James Woods. Gridlocked is a lot like a remake of that movie.

Updating the movie star to having to do the ride along in order to stay out of jail, Broody walker is a child actor trying to be an adult actor, somewhere between Lindsey Lohan and Justin Beiber, and his hard as nails street cop is a lot more tougher than James woods ( a lot bigger too)

So this is the movie premise, but the film’s plot seems to be a rip off of Die Hard (Like Die Hard in a special police task force armory). It’s kinda funny considering Danny Glover plays a security guard in the place, even doing his famous line from Lethal Weapon.

Best part of the movie is the great Stephen Lang who plays the antagonist in the film. I’ve become a huge fan of this man since he played the perfect soldier in Avatar. His purpose in the movie is to be a dark and gritty soulless villain whose purpose out weighs any lives that come across him.

Adding to his perfect villain is the just as great Vinnie Jones who complements Lang as his lead henchman.

Gridlocked could have been better. I feel it looses track as it tries to bounce back and forth from the Hard Way plot to the Die Hard plot and a few other plots in-between that change the focus on the film.

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