Mulholland Drive

I remember  this being a way better picture.

Of course this is because the one thing I remember is Naomi watts getting it own with a really hot busty chick who I can’t remember seeing in anything else.

It’s so weird how I held this movie in such high regard just for that –actually, no it’s not. I’m not that evolved of a man.

This second time around I feel really different.
The film is like an abstract art price. It has a story. Watts plays a stereotypical bright eyed young actress straight off the bus who moves to Hollywood taking up space in her aunt’s apartment, which happens to be occupied by a woman who lost her memory in a car crash and the two work to get the memories back and develop feelings for each other which leads to the hot lesbo action (That I remember so vividly)

It’s like Bound, The Wachowski Brothers movie I remember so well,  but really only remember that one hot sex scene with Jennifer Tilly, and Gina Gershon.

There’s  another story, which I think is the main story.  According to the opening credits, Justin Theroux was the star of the movie (At a time when Watts I guess was still up and raising). Theroux plays a filmmaker whose being force by organize crime to selected an actress they want in the film.

Two strange tales in the hands of David Lynch that don’t really intertwine much, which leads to a long and confusing movie.

What can I say I like my story less abstract. What I do like about David Lynch is the fact that he has the volume all the way up in this film. Too allow you to hear the movie well. Not bad.

I don’t know. I watched it like three times just to see if it was just me and could I be more prepared for what I see, and like it better accordingly. No I was not it was not my up of tea at all.

I guess it was when I first saw it. After all, the overall conflict of the story  was not that bad, but for some reason I no longer want to sit through it.  No matter how cute and talented I find watts overall in this picture.

I try again later.


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