Don’t Breathe

Don’t miss it!

I saw a review that said this is the best American Horror movie in twenty years. I can’t agree with that. Obviously these people have not seen You’re Next, but seriously, Don’t Breathe was great!

It was so scary. So so scary.  Ninety minutes of Freight. It was so well crafted. Just when you think the story has to end here they kept it going and did it brilliantly.

Set in Detroit, which lately with movies like It Follows¬† and Lost River is being filmed to look like the perfect back drop for Horror, Three kids decide to rob this guy of his hard cash. They think it’s an easy task because the dude is blind. How wrong they are.

Stephen Lang is going to be that new Horror Icon we all need to talk about. He was amazing as the blind man. From the moment he starts his rampage he sets a good example for all blind people who wish to be psychopathic killers. It’s like stinkmeaner from the Boondocks, but he’s white.

I like to point out how the filmmaker seemed to use a camera that made closed space look even bigger. It’s important because it really made you jump when the Blind man, or his sidekick dog would just appear in the shot.

Three people stuck in a house with a maniac who can’t see you, but knows you are their and wants you out dead or alive. absolutely perfect.

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