Wicked City

One of my favorites as a kid, ┬ábut I have to admit as an adult it does not hold up as I would have thought. It’s not bad, but I though more highly of the film as a child. Most likely had to do with how adult the film was when I saw it. I was possibly in my tweens during a time when cartoons were though to be just for children, and then this Anime horror movie comes out that’s very adult theme. Lots of sex, lots of violence and animated boobs. Yes! I must have though the world of it.

As I watch the movie I realize the only thing I remember is the anime titties, and then I look at it again and I see the anime demons are pretty good and I think I’m giving this film a lesser grade as an adult because the demons could have been scarier. It seem like the tone they were going for but it did not fully come across. Possibly would have been better if it was CGI, only 3D animated horror has every scared me (Even when it’s not trying, sometimes it’s so realistic but at the same time…not. Gives me the willies).

But overall the animation is really good, and I put that up over all else. It’s not just that the demons looked cool they were animated well and that makes it so cool to look at.

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