Lobster Cop

I give it points for it’s creative concepts. It was a good premise about a group of cops buying a seafood joint so they can spy on criminals but get semi-caught up in it’s success.

Did not specifically plan out completely like that, unless it did and I could not tell because of the of the translation. I can be bad at reading movies, especially when they are not action movies.

Lobster Cop has a buddy cop feel to it, Although it was a team of cops not just two. Certain thingsĀ  occurred in the film that I’ve never seen before in a Chinese movies like an obvious romance between Neng-shu a wannabe two days before retirement type and a man who comes into the restraint to try and buy it.

This maybe old news to China but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before so that’s cool.

Anyway, Lobster cop is not back for a non Action non horror sub-titled comedy.