Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World

I loved this movie.

Werner Harzog created a humorous and insightful documentary, about the internet, from it’s birthplace to the possibilities of were it will take human evolution.

It’s a very raw documentary on the subject. it feels like Harzog is not taking the more popular road with the story of the internet. Though he does interview key people in the growth of it, it’s interesting that people like Mark Zukerberg are not interview.  It’s the basics of what the internet can do for man kind, which is possibly why he choose to interview a company that created a game that allows people to learn how to manipulate DNA and see those results be created in real life, to possibly better mankind’s knowledge (the original purpose of the internet)

Elon Musk is possibly the most mainstream name that appears in the film as Harzog uses him to take a look at the possibilities of using the internet on other planets, as the creator of PayPal uses his private space company to give insight.

The film also goes over some people who the internet has not effected well, from a loved one’s death going viral, to people who have become physically ill do  how the use of the internet has change the world.

Harzog masterfully takes the content seriously with positive and negative feed back on the internet going from the every day mundane to the rarely far fetch. I love how straight up  the whole thing is and how Harzog’s voice over makes it feel like a futuristic Science fiction tale about how the internet and robots fit into human evolution (which is what it its)

I only seen two of Harzog’s documentaries, the other being the Cave of Forgotten Dreams and from seeing these two I got to say he knows how to keep my  interest in his recording of science.

Excellent work


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