The Debt

Paid in full!

I like watching movies about other cultures other than my own.

The name escapes me (which is bad for this blog), but I saw a movie far back in the day that was also about Peru. Both movies were exploiting Peru for it’s precious natural resources (The one I can’t remember was about Gems), but the structure of The Debt told more of a human story as they say:

A nurse desperate to find a way to get her sick mother the surgery she needs.

A small boy learning the hard way how to take care of his father’s land.

A man born in Peru and educated in America trying to balance business with doing the right thing for his people.

It’s down to Earth sub plots like this that make the movie pop out and come together so well.

I really loved the back drop of Peru. it’s a beautiful country, and the sound of the wind blowing into the boom mic actually made me feel like I was there.

The Debt has a lot of layers to it because of all the sub stories and lead to one huge plot about an international fiance deal going south and  Stephen Dorff’s character, Oliver’s attempts to fix it, but it never gets too complex  that you can’t follow, even with the subtitles.

Very low key movie does not hold back the emotional and political drama it is.

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