Barbarian Queen II: The Empress Strikes Back

I wish the film was as purposely campy as the title would seem.

Technically, the film does not take itself that seriously, cause like the original, it’s a soft-core porn. Although not as porn as the original.

The first film was filled with nudity. so much, it was like every 5 minutes you were bombarded with boobage, and I mean that literally. It was not one naked boob, it was a whole room of topless women.

But no pair was as hot as the lead actress, Lana Clarkson who plays Princess Athalia. Returning to the role she had in the original, but with an entirely different story. Originally she was a Barbarian Queen of Barbarians seeking revenge on some looters, and plunderers who ruin her wedding.

Now, Athalia is a noble princess who acts as a barbarian who loses her kingdom when her father dies and some lord takes over, and the movie is about getting the kingdom back for the peeps of the kingdom (A little too nubile of a plot for a light porno (known as lornos in the south from what I herd)

Though I like the fact that they minimized the rapes of the original (In the original, for the first hour or so it seemed like every boob you saw was followed by a man forcing his hand onto it), it also met that they minimized the boob count.

It felt like Lana Clarkson was the only woman they could afford to take her top off (Most likely who ever was putting up the cash was like, nah need to tone down the sexual harassment violation here)

They got their money’s worth with Clarkson. I could not find the film on my Amazon Prime streaming account, but I saw a copy on YouTube. A really bad one I noticed that had under 400 views an only one comment. Some guy who just put the numbers, 50:52. At first I thought, Oh man, That’s when the nudity begins and ends, cause in the original movie it was tittles galore form the first minute, and a minute into this sequel, I got nothing.

Then Clarkson exposed herself in a cat fight with another barbarian chick a nice chuck into the movie and I realized, Oh, the best is gonna come at 50:52

I guess. It’s a torture scene with Clarkson on one of those machines. Titties are titties and I was quite good seeing them in the cat fight and in the love scene she has with some dude. Nothing more spectacular came with the torture scene.

I’ve seen low budget sequels like this before in which the first film was just this big gimmick that drew an audience that was attached to that gimmick and they make a sequel with a little more substance but tries to abandon the gimmick, and everyone is like “I came for the gimmick”

There are some good things about the second movie that makes it a little better. both movies are cheap and look cheap, but it seems that part 2 has better fight scenes than the original. Not that you still could not tell that the sword was actually going through a man’s arm pit and not his chest, but the “We filmed these fight scenes in someone’s backyard” feel was taken from a three to a four in this movie.

Also like Tamis the main villain’s daughter who in the long haul was a better villain than him and never fully lived up to that potential.

My biggest disappointment was when I looked up this movie, I could have sworn I saw a more diverse range of hot chicks. In the images of the film I could have sworn I saw a black chick who looked very out of place (Not just the Fantasy world, but her hair cut screamed 1980s even though the movie was made in 1993 and set in Medieval Times). Maybe  there is a movie called Barbarian Queens I need to look for?

It’s a lame sequel to a lame movie.