Barbarian Queen

In the age when Hollywood was milking 1982’s Conan the Barbarian for all they can, comes Barbarian Queen, part of the revival of Sword and Fantasy  happening after Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first wave of stardom on the big screen.

A group of Pagans loot and plunder and rape and murder a group of villages on a literal loot, plunder, rape and murder spree,  but they fucked up when their weekly activities spoil the wedding of  Amethea, the bride to be, and you know what that means: Payback time!

It’s a soft-core porn/ really bad movie.  Literally, not stop T&A going through the movie, and not just one boob (or two actually) at a time but a literal Smörgåsbord of titties galore in every scene.

Don’t want to pretend that I’m the most liberated man in the universe, but I’ll be honest, the sexual assault fest this movie begins with left a bad taste in my mouth. I’m sure if I saw this when I was in heat as a teen I would think very highly of it. Then again I feel like I’ve seen the flick before and forgotten it, but like I was saying before the Sci-fi and Fantasy rival of the early to mid 80s was a genre and I could be confusing this movie with others.

Barbarian Queen decided to keep up the whole T&A vibe though out the movie. It gets less violent (but not less demeaning). Kinda wish it went the way of other Sword and Fantasy movies that are Rated R and showed more bloody violence, but that was not the case.

It did have one cool battle scene at the end of the movie that looked a lot like a bunch of Cosplayers having a meal at Medieval Times, but hey it was enjoyable.

Most likely i’m just going to need this post to prove I did indeed see the movie so I don’t have to watch it again.