Scary Story Slumber Party

So this seems to be a genre onto itself:

A bunch of girls gather around and tell each other scary stories.

I’ve seen a least three (Including this one) that fit into the genre.

They are these analogy like films like the Twilight Zone, and a lot of them seem to be on Amazon Prime.

Three hot chicks gets bored and start telling each other slumber party stories, hence the title, although nothing about their gathering actually tells me this is a slumber party.

All these movies also seem to have in common a mostly female cast. I’m not paying attention to the end credits but it would not be surprised if the crew was mostly women too (although I see that’s not true).

All the movies have this format about them that would suggest that none of the short films were actually intended to be one huge movie, it’s just that someone is selling them to me in one package with this umbrella story of three girls at a slumber party telling stories.

Well, I don’t know. What’s important is that the first story is pretty good and the stories get shorter and stupider as the film goes on.

Seen better.