The Return of Superfly

Oh wow!

I did not realize that this movie came out in 1990. I thought it came out in 88 or something. Totally saw this as an 80s movie. In fact, everything about this movie tells me that it’s a 80s movie. this movie has not moved into the 90s at all.

I will say though that the film quality’s retro 70s feel is even more cooler with the idea that it was made in 1990 (or released in 1990 cause this movie totally looks late 80s (trust, me that year makes a difference when it comes to the 90s fashion and style)
Curtis mayfeild comes back to compose the film (Most likely had nothing else he could do with his time (I though he was dead by 1990 myself(then I looked it up and as it turned out he got into a stage accent in 1990 that left him paralyzed form the neck down (yet he died form Diabetes (how black is that?).

In the 1st scene after the opneing credits Peris mentions he’s not the guy he use to be (suee nuff nsice they replaced Ron o’neal with some dude I don’t know (i wonder if they did not cast o’neal becasue he lost his hair and his bald look makes him look square?)
On top of the Mayfeild score you also had a heavy hip hop sopundtrack which is fitting og the time (that’s were blacpolation or urban cinema was going)
Sammeula L Jackson as sam Jackson plays an old freind of superlfy but this a pre pulp fiction sam jackosn not big enough yet yo be cared about but it’s just funny to see Sam as a bit player inm the game.
It’s been awhile snice I seenb the 1st superfly (probilly should have seen that before it’s so called sequel), but prior to seeing the recnt remake of superfly I noticed the return of superfly was on my amaxon prime checklist, possibly a part of my brown sugar subseption which im not taking enough advenage of. wacthing the eutne of superfly I’m noting that superfly is not really that smart (or better yet the script doed not even pretend to be smart). You would thing the flyest brother on the street would be a little smarter but that’s tno the fly impression i’m getting, and it’s not even the whole idea that superlfy has not been on the streets in a while vibe, i’m not getting the eye popin moments in which Perist out smarts the hoods and the cops, maybe i’m not supose to becaise he’s playing an old man in the game but where is his husile going.

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