A quiet story?

I used the word quiet too much. It’s supposed to be considered a good thing when a movie is quiet in my head. Blockbusters are not quiet, that’s obvious. There loud and obnoxious. But most Hollywood pictures are loud and obnoxious (that’s how they make money), but on the Indi seen, you do sometimes see a movie that’s not telling a story in a traditional Hollywood way.

The story telling in Nancy is as normal as possible. No slap stick, no melodrama, just letting a interesting story unfold.

Nancy was good, but in all honesty I found it too boring in it’s quiet whisper. So I should not use my label for quiet on Nancy.It’s not worthy. Movies with that label hot me much harder and leave a better impression (like Slow West, which has (Slow in the title) It’s too bland.

Sometimes an actors can really make something in a quiet movie without doing too much. Steve Buscemi and John Leguizamo are experience enough to be those actors but they were only used as big names to promote the flick not for their actual acting skills.

Definitely a good effort, but it’s not spectacular.

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