Hotel Artemis

Pretty good.

A little bit strange so it does take some getting use to. You have to really adjust yourself for the story being told but it’s a cool story about a hotel used as a hospital for criminals in a Dystopian future Where the world has created a lot of criminals.

I assumed in the trailer that the film was going to be more of an anthology but everyone’s story was intertwine together.
Starting with Sterling K Brown who plays a bank robber whose crew gets injured in a heist and needs the services of the hotel in order to get better. It’s like the Continental in John Wick with Jodie Foster running a safe heaven for all criminals in the LA area but while Ian McShane’s Casablanca is more for retro traditionalist, Hotel Artemis is filed with the most hi-tech heath facilitates 2028 can provide for criminals who can pay the insurance.

Like Charlie day who has a VIP membership which seems to come with an unlimited ass whole premium and Sofia Boutella who plays a hot hitwoman (A role she so perfectly gets typed cast in).

Wrestler turned (Really good) actor Dave Bautista is in the movie as well. In a movie like Hotel Artemis you’re kinda hoping that Bautista is going to hit someone hard. I never seen him wrestle but I’ve seen him do his wrestling moves in movies and he seems like a spectacular hitter, but the best part is how much hitting he does not do, focusing more on his amazing capability as a character actor. A bark as good as his bite.

Zachary Quinto and Jeff Goldblum are in the film as well, but they are not as impressive (well, anytime Goldblum is on the screen he steels the show).

It’s a fine movie that needs some getting use to.

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