Action point


Jack ass has lost a step over the years don’t you think? Or maybe I just grew out of it.

Anyway, it was a fun plot about a park owner trying to compete with a bigger better park by tossing out the safety measurements of amusements parks.

A perfect plan for Johnny Knoxville to do what he does best. He looks old. I know he is old but he looks old old like worn out old. Possible from the years of abuse to his body. This may account for the fact that a lot of the stunts did not seem that vibrant. I say the big problem is that he needed a full on Jack Ass crew to make up for what he was lacking. All he had was fellow Jack Ass Chris Pontius who did what he did best… get naked.

It’s funny Ha Ha, good for some really great frat house humor, but not worth going all out your way to see.

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