The Way of the Dragon

Bruce Lee at his best!

I love how the movie begins with this amazing motion graphic as the opening sequence.
Then the titles come out starring Bruce lee
Chick Norris world national Champion. 7th degree Tae kwan do champion Hwang In-shik, and a bunch of other people who have no marshal arts belts.
Bruce directs himself in a movie where he gets to show off his funny side.
Bruce who also wrote the movie most likely came up with the funny parts based in his own experience. The first scene is about Bruce waiting an an airport, a fish out of water who don’t know the language. I’ve been in that situation which is why I find it hilarious.
By the second scene the plot is narrated as the show scenes of Italy.
Bruce has come in replacement of a girl’s uncle to help her get rid of a gang messing with her business. It’s a no nonsense plot that allows Bruce to get to the ass kicking.
It’s no wonder Bruce is so legendary. The movies story is not that good. Not just the story itself but it’s bad dub, Bruce charms his way through it with a nice smile and good personality, and of course those no holds barred fighting skills.
He spends a lot of the movie teaching his philosophy too: fighting is fighting, learn something it’s the motion in the ocean.
The music is strangly cartoonish. It feels like I’m watching a badly dubbed 80s Anime.
I never herd of a Chinese person taking it personally how badly dubbed these movies are. I kinda did when I herd what a black person sounded like in this dub. It’s like, really? That’s what we’re doing?

All the marshal arts is cool but nothing compares to what Bruce and Chuck Morris are about to do. If it’s about anything, it’s about that