So now we have two movies about arm wrestling?

It’s no over the top. It needs a better campier soundtrack to do that.

Hard to really do an interesting sports movie in arm wrestling. I’m not putting down the sport just pointing out how hard from a cinematic point it is to do.

That’s what it took more than 30′ years after Stallone’s try to attempted it again.

A hart warming story that’s about Arm wrestling actually reminds me more of Jean Claude Van Damme’s lionhart (which is about street fighting)

Mark is a Korean born American who goes back to his home country to try to regain his success as a Arm Wrestler. Along the way he retraces the family he lost.

Overall, a hart warming story you should watch as that, cause it’s not the best sports movie. I don’t feel the inspiration when they do the arm wrestling montage, it just was not working but the story on family is good.