Show Dogs

I did not realize that Ludacris was so hard up on money,but apparently like Tyrese Gibson barking on Youtube about being broke. How is it that The Fast and Furious Franchise aint paying the brothers enough money so he does not need to do this alternative?

Luda plays Max, a tough as nails NYPD dog who teams up with Will Arnett, whose obviously trying to not make Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows his worse movie (He failed cause this movie out shines Turtles 2 100 percent).
Together in a not so uncanny buddy cop movie (cause they did do it in Turner and Hooch) they go under cover as dog show contestants to find an animal smuggler.

Realistic, this movie is stupid, that’s a given, but what it has going for it is that it knows how stupid it is, and with that knowledge you can’t help but to laugh at the dumbness going on.

There are so many points in the movie that are just so foolish, but you can’t help but to smirk. It’s like Ludacris is taking the role so seriously that the whole thing is…Ludacris (he does the same pun in the film), and I can’t help myself.

So yeah, Show Dogs is bad, but it’s definitely worth seeing. It will make you laugh!

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