Batman Ninja

Starts off cool but ends a little corny

When the movie open up, I could tell I was going to like this. The animation was very impressive some of the best Warner Bros. has done for their DC animated universe.

I particularly liked Batman’s costume in this movie. Very hi-tech yet fitting towards Batman.

So Batman, while trying to stop Gorilla Grodd, gets zapped in time to feudal japan along with his rogue’s gallery who got there two years before him and have taken over the waring kingdoms of Japan, and in order to stop them he must embrace the prophecy of a ninja clan that a man in a bat mask would save Japan.

Batman Ninja is a very anime concept that gets more and more anime as it goes on (leaning towards mech influenced anime). It starts off real cool, but it ends a little corny.

The corniest part though was Damian Wayne who seemed very out of character as they focus more on making the most recent boy wonder more anime themed. I personally like other animated DC universe films version of Damian Wayne better.

But once again the DCAU goes all out for great character design and animation (That seems to be 3D done in full 2D style) and made this Elseworld Style Batman movie look totally cool.