Jason Mewes (the Jay in the Jay and Silent Bob) stars as Jack who just gets out of a bad relationship and ends up with a rebound girl who has a thing for drinking blood.

A very interesting concept as Mewes himself is a man who spent a lot of his life as a substance abuser, the movie treats being a vampire in this same fashion.

Erica Cox plays a women whose addicted to the hunger the same way an addict is addicted to the drug of choice, and Mewes plays a man in love with the vampire and tries his best to feed her addiction but it’s bringing her down.

Although, it’s probability easier to cut a drug addict loose than to have a murderous monster on the street, the movie is all about Mewes being a leading man and his portrait of Jack being emerged in this vampires’ bad habits is perfect. It effects his sleep (get it) it effects his job and it effects his personal relationships (like his friend and co-worker who is concern about his relationship with this woman), and it coming down hard on his soul.

It’s a perfect sized movie for Jason Mewes’ star power too. Not bad, it’s like every abusive relationship in the book, only with fangs.

Oh and make sure you stick around for the behind the scenes work. Absolutely funny, and it does not end until the very end.