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It’s not Back to School but…

I herd a lot of bad things about this movie and it’s not the best film ever, but it’s a good performance by Melissa McCarthy which is all that matters to me. She’s the soul reason I came to see it, and she does not disappoint.

Like Back to School starring the late Great Rodney Dangerfield, McCarthy plays a mom who decides to go back to school and goes to her daughter’s college, with hilarious results.

But not as stereotypical as you would think when you talk about a Mom and her daughter going to school together. They are not as confrontational as you would expect. Though I loved this about the film, it does indicate how little story there really is in the movie and how the film is all about McCarthy’s star power.

She’s not a stand up comedian, so it’s almost like watching her version of one of those Netflix specials with McCarty doing joke after joke about what it’s like to be an older mom going back to college after a messy divorce, and how her college age child responded to it.

Yet the lack of story does nothing to take away from the reason you came to see this film…Melissa McCarthy, just being funny, and just being funny with other funny women (Like Maya Rudolph who co-stars in the flick). Absolutely worth it for that.

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