The Do-Over

Adam Sandler could sure use a Do-Over in his career, this is a good start.

Well actually, The Ridiculous Six was more of a start of the Do-Over in Sandler’s Career.

It’s weird, going from theatrical releases  to streaming movies on Netflix should feel more like a fall in a movie star’s career, but for me I don’t quite get the feeling. Possibly because Netflix streaming is still a fresh and new concept rather than stating you’re going Straight-to-Video. Plus, Netflix just seems like the cool place to be right now, kinda like doing something on HBO once was. If a movie star did something for HBO it met they were doing something unconventional or controversial, or something too out there for anywhere us. These days it seems having a show on Netflix is hip and where the money’s at.

I would not be surprise if Adam Sandler is following the money. Last I herd Sandler made 20 mil a film (but that was something I herd a while back). If Netflix can somehow hit around that ball park, then I’m sure Sandler will comply. After the disappointment that was Pixels, I seriously doubt any one will be calling on him anytime soon to star in their theatrical release. Pixels was like taking the horse with the broken leg out back to shoot em, and poor Kevin James dying along with him.

The first movie he did that went “Straight-to -Netflix” was The Ridiculous Six and its actually good. It’s not going to win any prizes but it is the type of hidden gems you get Netflix for. The type of movie when you just finished one movie and you can kinda go for another, and they recommend three and one of them is The Ridiculous Six. It’s perfect for watching just to watch something and it has it’s amusing parts.

Do-Over has the same qualities as Ridiculous Six. it’s not mind blowing funny but it is amusing to watch when you need something like that.

Sandler is not at his prime but he’s sniffing around those mid-to-late 90s frat boy outings that made him a movie star. Even looks like he got into shape to play the role, not as bloated as the last time I seen him.

One thing Sandler loves to do is get his friends to be in the movie, so for The Do-over he gets his buddy, David Spade to co-star (the whole while I was waiting for Rob Schneider to come out of the wood work and yell “you can do it!” , but I guess he was too busy working on his own show, which you can stream on Netflix).

One of the things Sandler was capable of doing in his big “blockbusters” is get a batch of pretty big Hollywood names to play small(er) roles  in his films (guess that’s one advantage of having a 20 million dollar paycheck, they got to make that movie work), but when your on Netflix I guess their is less a need. Paula Patton also co-stars in this movie, and I guess she is pretty well known. Michael Chiklis also has a small role that might catch the interest of the those who loved the Shield (hand up), but no real spectacular cameos.

In a plot similar to another recent release, Central Intelligence (which made it into theaters thanks to the movie star combo of Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson), David Spade plays a man who life got stuck on a runt after high school, and at his Reunion, his best friend in High School sees what’s going on and orchestras a plan to fake their deaths and restart their lives with new identities, but discover their new selves lead to fun and fortune as well as danger and murder.

The high school reunion scenario seem to  work perfect to revive the Sandler’s style of Frat boy humor,  which still gets a laugh.

If you still have a glimmer of hope for Sandler than the Do-Over works.


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