Ghost Team

On the weak side.

Jon Header plays a guy boohooing over the fact that he owns a copy shop(Keyword owns, don’t care how boring it is to own a copy shop)
Then suddenly, an old man comes into the shop rambling about something but the only thing this guy picks up is that his house is haunted.
Now he recruits his friends to check it out so he can make an audition tape to become a new cast member of the TV show Ghost Hunter.
It’s an ensemble cast of once well known up and coming actors playing the worse group of underachievers America has to offer, going for the goal of the most superficial achievement America has to offer,  a group of stoner like white boys trying to be on a reality show.

Maybe it would have been far funnier if the white boys were actually stoners, but  this movie is just super corny. Jon Heder is corny, Justin long is really corny. The only one who really made me laugh was the guy who played Zak who gave me one big laugh, out of a movie good for only three big laughs.

Ghost Team did have a plot twist that was worthy of one of those three big laughs too, but the movie altogether is not funny and it quickly makes you loose interest because of how unfunny it is from the start.

One huge laugh at the end but the movie only gave me three when it should have given me more.

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