Avengers: Infinity War

You know what I hate about these Avengers movies? That I’m waiting for them. It seems like time has past by so quick since Age of Ultron. It was like as soon as I herd Infinity War was announce my life just came to the point were I was waiting for it. I tried not to get into it too much but the closer it came the more I could not wait.

Thank the creator that they moved the date up a week. As soon as the film went from May 4th to April 27th I had to get my tickets right away. I needed to be there on the 1st night, even it it met watching the film at 2pm in the morning.

I went for the IMAX 3D ticket and The Avengers did not disappoint. It’s a movie that looks like 3D was not an after thought but done on purpose. Perfect. One of the best looking pictures I’ve ever scene, and that was only the tip of the Ice berg.

Though not as good as the first Avengers film, it’s a step ahead of Age of Ultron. It’s a very ambiguous film handling the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Strange. It’s a lot of characters. Handled well, so it’s not overwhelming, but not everyone got the screen time you would expect. When it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America is the guy I come to see. Easily the most cinematic of the heroes, with a classic action hero on super solder serum guise. However, Steve Rodgers, though a min focal point was not the Major. Characters like Gammora got more screen time. Something that you may not expect but makes perfect sense because of her relationship to Thanos. Iron man is always front and center because he’s the start of this universe (10 years ago), but Zoe Saldana got to shine as she stood right next to the main antagonist.

And speaking of Antagonist, in retrospect, when the movie begins Thanos has a confrontation with Loki, before now the top of the villain pool, a crown now held by Thanos. similar to the X-Men’s Magneto, Thanos’ plan to wipe out half the population of the universe in order to bring balance is justified. Considering that people are suffering on Earth due to overpopulation, The mad Titan’s plan to gather the infinity stones in order to make his plan merciful and painless was a plan of good intentions, but ofcourse the Avengers are about saving lives and must stop at nothing to prevent this. A key element to making a great super-villain, is to have one whose ideals you empathize with but his actions are not acceptable. Josh Boriln was able to do this all under heavy CGI.

A lot of superhero movies have similarities to fantasy films, who share the same concept of the hero’s journey. Well no superhero movie seems to do this as well as Infinity War, though the ironic part is the film is more about the Villain’s journey, as Thanos searches for the Infinity stones like Frodo searches for the rings. It’s an epic galactic journey that takes center stage even over the Avengers.

It’s possibly the most dramatic of the films with an ending that will live you shocked and yet so satisfied.

See it. In IMAX 3D of 4DX or standard screen. It don’t matter, it all looks good, believe me I know.

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