Ninja: Shadow of a Tear

This movie came up on my Netflix Queue and I was not sure why I rented the thing in the first place.

The movie starts out with a lesson about Japanese Ninjas during the second world war, before coming to present times and when it does, I easily spit why I rented the movie: Scott Adkins-The Great White Hype!

It sounds like sarcasm, but I love Scott Adkins, I do. It was obviously once I saw him why I rented the movie. I grew up watching Jean Cluade Van Damme, but this is truly my generations Van Damme, he’s amazing. Yet still, let’s not overshadow the message that he’s playing a white foreigner who is the master of one of those ancient temple-like dojos were they teach ancient Japanese ninjistu.

But on the bright side, this white boy is working that ancient fighting style to perfection. Ninja 2 is so action packed, it felt like every six minutes their was a battle scene. It was like watching a good porno (cause a good porno is wall to wall sex scenes). It makes sense that in a movie called Ninja, there would be fighting, but there was a lot of it. Adkins has to battle a deadly Thai mob boss to avenge is baby mama’s death, so you have that fight. Then we have a random fight scene where Adkins is getting drunk at a bar cause he’s still grieving his wife. Just before that Scott Adkins was training at the dojo and got into a sparing match with a student. Not to mention the movie starts with him sparing with his baby mama. non stop marshal arts action baby.

It’s one of Adkins best pictures and a real showcase of what he can do.

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