Saving Mr. Wu

A great police drama, with a great villain to chase.

A huge movie star gets kidnapped for ransom and the police must find him before time is up.

At first I though the movie was going to be similar JCVD, and it does have elements of that in the movie, with Andy Lau playing a actor who could have easily gotten himself out of the situation he was in if he was one of the characters he plays, but instead he’s stuck in a house with a series of men who, though love him as an actor, seriously mean business.

I loved the relationship Lau has with a fellow kidnapper. As Mr. Wu, he attempts to keep up his Star power persona to make him more claim. It was brilliantly done.

For the most part, the movie was about the crime unit assigned to find Mr. Wu with the missing person’s clock ticking. The guy who they got to play the leader of the kidnappers really took over the screen. it was all about him, and he made an impressive villain to watch.

Overall, I have to recommend this police drama. Impressively done.

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