The Misandrists

So now I know what a Bruce LaBruce film looks like. Though I feel that I leaned something while watching, I will never attempt to see it again.
I herd of Bruce LaBruce before. My name is Bruce and Bruce is that type of name that people tend to call me by all the famous people named Bruce.
Like Bruce lee “Hey, Bruce lee!”. Surprisingly, I knew Bruce Lee was before people started gong “hey Bruce Wayne” (my favorite famous Bruce on the list). Then Bruce Willis became a superstar within my lifetime and people started to saying “hey Bruce Willis!”.
By high school the references started to get more obscure (As far as I’m concern). Older people would come up to me and be like hey Bruce Jenner, who I had no idea was before that(I got “Hey Bruce, Boxlighter!”a little more but Jenner seemed more fitting for the subject).
It was not until college that I got “Hey,Bruce LaBruce!”. One of the lesbian filmmakers at my school use to call me this all the time, which gave me a good idea of who this guy was as a filmmaker (Especially that sarcastic smirk she like given the heterosexual male who never herd of him).
I did feel slightly enlighten over the fact that I did know who the dude was before hearing of this movie and how iconic he was to queer cinema but I never sought out his movies like I would with other filmmakers.
Then I saw the trailer for The Misandrists and I felt it was a good time to see what this guy is about.
I must admit the subject matter of an all-female bordering school ruled by a man hating den mother was not unappealing from a heterosexual male point of view. I’ve seen movies like this before, but never one that was not catered towards men. That made for a big difference in the dialog, the tone as well as how it ended.
It also made a difference in the sexual imagery on the on big screen.
I always feel that I’m open minded and mature enough to watch anything. Sometimes I hate being wrong cause it made for some uncomfortable wrenching in my The chair. It’s not like a horror movie where I force myself to look. It’s true horror in which I turn away (except for honestly that last torture porn moment, when one of the male characters looses his…Male Character and istead of true gore they use documentary footage so it’s done form a biological point of view. Possibly the only moment in the theater all who had a penis no matter what the background got wheezy from the horrific snip snip (I kept my legs cross the whole time).
All I saw were women in the trailers so I was not expecting to get images of Male on Male action. Mr. Labruce seems to insert it in their like I was watching a Disney film shown in a theater run by Tyler Durden. This was not Call Me By Your Name. I could not trick my mind into finding the romance in it. I was just as disturb as the ladies in the movie who were watching the porn within the film.
It’s another one of those movies that is all about me thinking about what I just saw. The story of one or the girls attempting to hide an injured man in a school where men are not allow was compelling and enjoyable, but for the most part it was an uninterrupted thought about a way of life I know little about. I’m very grateful for the insight and praise Bruce LaBruce for showing it to me, but most likely I will not venture this route again.

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