Check Point

It was a good idea conceptually.

A few good men just so happen to pick a place called Point City as their home while off-service, which turns out to be very bad for a terrorist group working on American soil.

A very awesome idea, the terrorist based their mission of taking over the White House on a semi-proven secret undergound route into it that Lincoln was rumored to have used in the Civil War.

Most of the story is about how Marines come home and the many different ways they adjust to civilian life. When it comes to War some handle it better than others, Plus the movie does not just concentrate on soldiers from this generation’s war.

A pro soldier story set in the south (Which explains the country music), and with a cast of recognized faces like Wrestling superstar Bill Goldberg, iconic actor William Forsythe and the late comedian Ricky Harris who the movie was dedicated to.

Where the movie went wrong is that the director did not know how to handle his actors. A lot of the movie feels amateurish and rushed, like the director did not have the time or did not know to make the time to properly prepare the actors to run the weak lines in the screenplay.

Otherwise it was not a bad watch. I give it a 6 out of ten

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