Witchcraft XI: sisters in blood

Here we go again.

So once more I hit a snag with the Wicthcraft series.  Like number four and number seven number eleven was not easy to set up. Like four I had to do things the old fashion way, with a DVD copy.

My saga with Wicthcraft continues with sisters in blood. In this section of the series, three college going actress are tricked into riviving three witches that went to the college three hundred years ago by becoming the host for their possession

Once again returning to the series is the very tough and very underdressed, detective Lutz who was in the last movie and her partner, dectective Geaner who seems less like a sexual harassment suit waiting to happen this time.

More importantly, the Wicthcraft series brings back its main hero, Will Spanner. In the beginning, Spanner was just a baby born to be a warlock in resemblance to Rosemary’s Baby. By the second film he’s a teenager trying to leave his warlock birthright behind. Then by number three Spanner is a lawyer who specializes in cases that can only be solved by investigating the supernatural.

Will Spanner is the best thing about this film franchise. They tried twice to change the story in Wicthcraft 8 and Wicthcraft 10, but a James Bond movie don’t work without Bond. So Will is back again.

Another charater that makes a return to the series is Kelly, Will’s girlfriend snice possibly the third movie. Kelly has always been a side charater, only truly used to be another girl to get naked and do a sex scene with (my second favorite part about the series). This time around she’s more a part of her story thanks to her sister Colleen.

Kelly’s sister is one of the three girls tricked into doing the satanic rictual to revive the witches and Will has to help Kelly save her.

For the first time in the Wicthcraft series snice number two, Will seems to more embrace his heritage, rather than shy away from it. Usually he tries to cover up his ability to see the supernatural. It makes perfect scense because if Will as a lawyer needs to be able to prove in court his cases and claiming Satan is the culprit won’t cut it.

For this movie however, Will is not working a law case so he can be more open, and we get to see exactly what Will sees when he spots the supernatural.

So far(cause I still have far more to go), this is my favorite Wicthcraft in the series, simply because as a fan it gives me everything I was hoping to see throughout the series. Will is more self aware of his lifelong quest to use his warlock abilities to battle those who worship Satan. His uneasy allies are two cops who also seem to be drawn to cases that have dark magic written all over it( although detective Lutz is a little more of a hard ass in this one. Before she seemed to at least trust in Will’s gut feeling enough to listen to what he’s saying (with Geaner being the hard ass), but I do finally get to see her boobs after like eight movies). Plus we get to know more about Kelly (and by more I mean something other than being Will’s sex partner). Like what Wicthcraft Ten did for Lutz with her solo movie we get to know a charater that’s always been on the side for a long time, with Sisters in Blood.

I still love this movie most, despite the fact that the soft-core porn part of the film is just ok. Snice Wicthcraft II the movies have attempted to out do the other when it comes to nudity and sex. The film production has always stayed the same with the money seeming to go to pay for an upgrade in hot titilizing lust. Don’t get me wrong, the women and the sex scenes are most appreciated, but it’s nothing compare to the upward latter that seemed to be raising from wicthblade 3 to wicthblade eight.

Wicthcraft IX is exactly where I want to see the film franchise going.

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