The Cage Fighter

So I convinced a co-worker to come see this movie with me, because I was totally confused with the movie we were going to see. I thought this movie was about an Irish dude locked in an Indonesian prison and force the fight his way yo survival. This film is not that.

I almost feel it would be an insult to call this movie a Reality movie. you know, Like an episode of  Real Housewives or Hogan Knows Best. The first reality movie as actually called the Real Cancun and it bomb at thr box office cause it was so bad. This movie is a Reality movie but it is far better than what the Real Cancun was.

The movie is about Joe Carman, a 40 year old MMA fighter whose getting ready for a big fight at his age, a fight his family does not really want him to have. Written, produced and directed by Joe himself and starring real family members, the movie showcases the narrative part of reality TV without the interviews you usually get.

It’s confusing at first cause you don’t realize that something is different about this film. The acting is too real (Some of the best emotional scenes I’ve ever seen on cinema) but the cameras are not that good. It takes an second to realize that you never seen camera movements like this on a big screen but you have on small ones.

It’s funny that before me and my co-worker went to see this movie we were just talking about unconventional cinema versus the mainstream, and this movie is a total example of the unconventional.

It’s not an original take on anything as I’ve seem Kim K do it a bunch of times but he did do a unique spin on reality television with this movie. I’m impress with the original experience the film gave me overall.

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