The Square

It took me a while to come see this movie but I finally got around to it. Really excellent film.

Like the film My Art it’s an art piece as much as it is a movie. In fact, it’s an entire exhibit of many art pieces. Like My Art, I did not really get the art. Unlike My Art, The art did move me. I feel like it was more of a movie with a great combo of ¬†cinematography and Art Direction that really put some amazing images on the screen.

It’s a lot like The film Mother! or the Film Black Swan. Although it does not hit me like¬†Darren Aronofsky does, I still feel it.

It’s a movie about an museum head and artist preparing for a new exhibit and the strain in his life and career that normally comes with such a task. Within the movie they attempt to make his life into an art price without taking away from the normal day to day life style.

Brilliantly done. A long movie but not a boring story at all.

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