Aleta Vampire mistress

So as I’m watching this movie I realize I give far too much credit to movies that seem to have a lot of nudity in it.  I can’t help but to be impress by a movie that does not shy away from it. I could try to not let the overwhelming nude shots in this picture disrupt my post, but in reality this movie has a four point nine on IMDB because of the naked girls. Otherwise it would be a three point three.

Also known as Empress of the Evil Dead (A great title if Ash Williams was in it) and Empress Vampire the movie is about an Asian vampire (and I say this because it is important to the story and it adds a bit of diversity to the naked women in it.). Her name is Aleta and she’s on the prowl when she finds a virgin girl to feed off of.

She’s being hunted by a dude who is the last line of Van Helsing (giving the movie’s story  a classic feel to it), and the FBI who wish to make a deal with her to use her skill to battle things more evil than her (In a plot that I thought was cool but was implemented cheaply). They are both being helped by a woman who seems to have a psychic link with the Queen bat.

I do like to give a lot of credit to cheaply done movies. I know what can go into making a movie and how impressive making anything on a shoe string budget can be. It’s a well done story. Whoever came up with it and wrote it did a good job in putting together a solid story. It does however suffer from cheaply done film making. Not the best acting or art direction. They did not do the best of jobs making the cheap movie not look so cheap.

Lucky for me, their are a lot of…distractions used to try to cover up what they couldn’t. It was a nice variety of women too. Not just white girls with different color hair, but black and Asian girls as well. I noticed and I loved it. I did notice a few points in the film when these ladies felt uncomfortable doing what they were doing which really broke me out of the mood, but at least it gives me more empathy of what actress have to got through in the biz.

I do have to give the movie a lower score for the dumb musical numbers they use to lengthen out the time of the film, (as if the naked girls dancing was not enough), otherwise I am impressed with the story enough (and the naked ladies enough) to say it was not half bad.


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