After School Masscare

Really like the title, and I loved the the opening credits which consist of a girl receiving notes in class that were names of the cast and crew, while you hear whispers of trash talk about them.

The cast was really good looking in the movie. Not just the girls who I was expecting to be hot, and I knew something was up when I saw the Gym teacher. You have that stereotype of Gym teachers all looking like lesbians and they decided to make this one look like a lipstick lesbian. The guys were well put together in this movie as well, which was unusual. Especially one dude, a history teacher who gets fired because of a of a communication he made online with one of the female students, snaps and goes on a revengeful rampage.

Not your traditional slasher, simple because he was better looking than the usuals of ┬áJason and Micheal Myers(which is not the highest scale), but it’s definitely a guy you would not expect to snap. Although the bare minimum education he used to become a teacher does explain that factor slightly.

It’s what you would call Fan Fare in the anime genre. Not much of a story to keep it moving, it’s just a series of events that keeps the slasher killing and the girls half naked. This low budget horror movie is giving us the bare minimum it can give for the money and it was excellent.

It’s all the stereotypes of a slumber party played out for maximum effect. Lots of bra and panty shoots lots of shower scenes. Not enough actual nudity but enough skin done well to be satisfied.

Wish they spent more time on the killings though. They got the sex right, which was what this movie was about, I’m sure, but the violence could have been better, I think . No death scenes worthy to talk about (Except for one kill that evolved the use of hot curling Iron.)

Overall, well done movie. I like to watch it.

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