Pajama Nightmare

I did not like this one at all.

At first it seemed like a great flick that I would love. Starting out with this dude talking about the film will be presented in boob vision while having a nice rack in my face. I was ready.

It’s an anthology like Tales From the Hood (If you seen that movie) It’s about a couple who decide to watch three B-movies before going to bed:

Space boobs-A film that starts with an indication that we will see some excellent boobs in the movie while playing the super catchy song, Space boobs over the credits that rolled super cool names like Holly Ween and Dee Flowered, is about two girls who go to a party hosted by a strange chick who use them for her mission to gather breast milk.

Booty meat- Which technically goes against the the boob theme of the picture is about a girl who likes booty so much she wants to eat it…literally.

And The final movie is called Pajama Nightmare-I’ll be honest I don’t have any clue what this short was about because by this time I was completely toned out.

I did not like the movie at all. It was barely a movie at 42 mins and not interesting enough for me. I almost feel bad about it, as I feel the film looks like it might have been some girl power movement. It had everything you would like from a purposely done bad b-movie except for the stuff only dudes would like about purposely done bad b-movie, and I do feel that was the purpose., to some what make fun of that fact.

The evidence is with the inter cuts of the couple in bed watching these movies. The girlfriend is the one who selected the movies over having sex with her boyfriend and she is totally mad that her boyfriend does not want to give it a try cause they suck.

I agree, I get the overall gag of the film that connects the overall film and I like Space Boobs for being the perfect example of what I think this movie is trying to do, but the other two films did not keep the momentum going hard enough to give it a try (Just like the dude in the bed with his gal).

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