Big Foot: the movie

A simple title for a movie that’s simply entertaining.

I think this film counts in the hillbilly exploitation genre, and I must admit, I like it when hillbillies are exploited. Anit nothing like a loveable hick name Dale( it’s like doing a movie on the Italian mafia and having a dude name Tony in it).

Somewhere in Pennsylvania close to Pittsburg lies a small town whose woods have a big foot roaming in it (and I dont me the monster truck), and when Dale and his boys are attacked they go on the offense to stop this thing.

A lot of the movie is about characters. It’s a solid story cause it’s simple, but the filmmakers realize what a cool set of characters they have and did a good job developing them to the height of enjoyment.

Its a decent monster but ironically not the thing you should be most focus on.

Fantastic effort.

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