Around the Block

An Australian film starting American Christina Ricci as a school teacher educating some black kids on Hamlet, and when I say black kids I mean aborigines, who call themselves black fellows. I’m guessing their is not a big enough African population down under to worry about confusing the two.

The most interesting part of this movie is how much black Americans do have in common with black Australians. If you seen movies like Stand and Deliver or Dangerous Minds it’s litterly like they filled the same glass with diffrent Kool Aide. ¬†For me, this is the biggest impact. seeing how two completely different cultures have the same social issues that make us not so diffrent.

Plus you have not seen Shakespeare ‘s Hamlet until you little tidbits performed by a group of aborigine high school kids. A great concept for a culture clash

You also get to see actress Ruby Rose in one of her early parts before her Orange is the new Black fame.

Not bad at all.

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