Mom and Dad

Soooo good!

This movie was strangely therapeutic for someone. If you hate your kids or don’t understand your parents this movie is for you.

Nicolas Cage is at his best here as a dad going through a mid-life crisis just when some strange outbreak of savagery has every parent trying to kill there offspring like hamsters eating their young.

Selma Blair gives an equally excellent performance as a Mom trying to bond with a daughter she use to be close to before she became a teenager.

And Last but not least is Lance Henriksen as grandpa Vietnam vet, you is the cherry on top of this crazy sundae.

It’s a bizarre ¬†horror-styled film that just keeps getting more berserk as the film goes on. The filmmakers must all have children, as it captures perfectly the frustration that comes with giving up your life for someone else and not fully realizing it until there is nothing to do to change it.

Love the style of the movie too. This retro 80s and 90s style that’s become popular over the years, with everyone doing those low budget b-movie style titles at the beginning of the film. ¬†The music composed for the film is really excellent. Not to mention I love the way the camera moves around the actors.

Also loved how natural Mom and Dad made the killing of their spawns. Overall, this movie does it for me and I highly recommend.

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