Fast Five

This moment, we own it!

Its the movie that started it all. Well…It’s not the first film but it’s the moment when the franchise totally changed. No longer a crew of street car racers, Dom and the family pull off the ultimate heist with the idea that they would disappear and live low end lives (Although the end of the picture would state that was never going to happen.)

Fast Five proved how special the franchise is, as all the cool people from all of the movies that came before were reunited in order to pull the heist off. Helping Dom, Bryan and Mia to grab one hundred million dollars from the biggest criminal in Brazil is Roman and Tej from 2fast 2furious Han from Tokyo Drift (I miss him) and Giselle from Fast and Furious.

But of course the best part is what they added to the Fast and Furious franchise, Luke Hobbs, played by the greatest human being to ever walk the Earth, Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson. If the franchise was a 10 before they just cranked it up to 11. I remember when the trailer for this flick came out and we saw that the Rock was going to be hunting down Dom, I was too excited to see that.

Such a vast difference from the other movies we only got to see one street race as most of the movie was about the family planning the heist. In the plans, we did get to see personality traits more emphasized that before, like Tej being far smarter than a garage mechanic needs to be( they needed to develop that for films to come)

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