The Shape of Water

I was at the movies and a old woman was walking up the escalator with her walker. She dropped a few things on the way up and I help her out by picking them up. She could barely do it herself as bending over took so much out of her it seemed like she was going to die. I told her the place has an elevator, but she told me that she knew this but could not use it cause she was double dipping. I get it, she did not want to draw attention to herself while performing the illegal activity of theatre hopping.

Well she asked me to suggest a movie to go see and I recommended the Shape of Water. I’m not sure the movie is doing so well that the can afford for a senior citizen to see if for free, but I wanted to make sure the life or death effort she put into getting up that escalator should be rewarded with a well worth it movie

The Shape of Water is one of Del Turo’s best


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