I was fortunate to start off the new year with an old school style double feature. For the price of one ticket, I got to see two films, Antiporno and Wet Women in the Wind. Both films where in the genre of Roman soft-core porn from japsnese cinema.

Basically the film studio that invented the genre a long time ago thought it would be cool to remake the genre and do it using the same rules (I know one of the rules was that the filmmaker only had a week or two to film it). It sounds like the films may have been made on a low enough budget to justify showcasing them on a double bill. I guess it works on the point that you get a real idea of the concept of the genre.

Long time ago, I saw some movies that are catogorized as Pinku Eegu or Pinky violence as they were collected as. Not sure if Antiporno is in the same genre. Antiporno had its violent moments but not in comparison to the Pinky Violece I saw. Antiporno was more of a art project. Like if Michealangelo made a soft-core porn flick. Well…maybe not Michealangelo, but the point I’m getting at is that it felt more like high concept art you would see at a gallery or something than some smut you jerk off to on home video (Unlike the second bill, Wet Woman in the Wind, which I would say leans more towards that.)

Antiporno is very surreal. It’s seems to be about an artist whose life breaks the forthwall in order to explain the Roman soft-core porn genre. The ideal makes sense for a movie that pays homage to an old school genre( or as the film was advertised is a reboot of the genre( I love that idea). I’m not going to pretend that I understood what was going on at all past the idea of stimulating the audience conceptual sexual perversions (like I said, it’s like going to a gallery and seeing art). Past the sexual imagery, I did love the cinematography and art direction. It’s very colorful and beautiful.

(Almost) Like Black Swan (and closer to) Mother! I like Antiporno more for the emotion it gave me (and not just the one in my paints). I’m not the best critic when it comes to art work but the film made me feel like I was wacthing a peiece of art and with that said, it may be more of an eye of the beholder thing.

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