All the Money in the World

Oh ok. They reshoot JP Getty with Christopher Plummer to replace Kevin Sapcey. Good choice,cause I herd they did some random old man, but such a fine actor is a good replacement.

Still, can’t help but to wonder, what the footage of Sapcey was like? Plummer was good but I liked Palmer throughout the performance. They got Spacey to do it originally becaue Spacey is good at playing a man you love to hate. As horrible as Getty became in the movie, it was more about what was going on over the contribution of Plummer.

I liked Michelle Williams in her role. Although she looked too young and it felt like they were trying too hard to make her seem older.

This seem like a diffrent and intresting role for Mark Walhberg. Can’t recall him playing this particular type of charater before.

So Williams plays a woman once married to the son of the world’s frist billionaire, played by Plummer (replacing Spacey) Her oldest child, Paul is kidnapped and she does not have the money the kidnappers think she would have to get him back. She goes to his granddad for help but he refuses. Instead getting his over qualified security, played by Walhberg, to handle the situation.

Its a good movie not a great one. Reminds me of another Walhberg movie called Pain and Gain, in which the filmmakers take light of a real life situation. Though I’m not sure Ridley Scott met to take light of the situation, but it can’t be help. His attempts to make a point about how diffrent the rich are from the rest of us kinda just made the situation a little funny.

Not sure I would recommend this film to anyone as it all seems pointless without anyone really to connect to. I don’t feel the Scott magic coming from it, and I know they had good reason to replace Spacey but it definelty suffers because of it


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