Pussy Kills

In fact, Pussy Thrills.

Not bad, not bad at all. Proven that a low budget film can also be made very well, and also proving that you don’t have to take your clothes off in order to tantalize the viewers (Maybe I shouldn’t put that idea into any other film makers heads), Pussy kills is a rape/revenge scenario , in which a really hot police woman goes over the line in looking for the drug dealers who killed her parents only to be raped and almost murdered by them. The event literally turns her into the Punisher, but wearing Catwoman’s outfit (The Halle Berry version of Catwoman in the god awful 2004 film).

It has arousing scenes that don’t show any nudity yet get the job done, thanks to how round and brown the protagonist of the film is. I loved how in the beginning of the film they show scenes of her working out with sit ups and squats and the camera angled just right to see it perfectly. The camera is always angled just right too. Weather she be putting on her paints (one jiggle at a time) or strangling pushers to death, the camera is always were it needs to be to the point where I could not even tell you how pretty that ass’s face is.

They don’t cheapen the violence though. That’s good. It’s nice and slow how this Pussy seeks out the men who have now done her entire family wrong (Even beating the crap out of her husband). One by one, the killings are not gory but graphic enough to point out how good vengeance can be (And like I said, the camera makes it so that when she kills a man she does it as sexy as possible)

So seriously, Amazon Prime seems to have a large collection of rubbing pennies together films with a decent soundtrack running through it (mostly metal,mostly horror), but this Hip Hop laced rape revenge movie that is Pussy Kills really stands out among them for it’s stellar production, that includes knowing precisely what the audience wants and giving them only what they need, in pretty cool visuals with the camera that sells the sex and great sound effects that sell the violence. Plus the acting is….not stale. amazing effort!

Worth wild watch!!

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