Killer Klowns from Outer Space

I never seeing this one before. I remember the poster being a stample in my local video store before they went out of pasture. It’s a cult classic so I have to wacth.

Cant say much for the thing being scary, but it’s creepy. That was an easy task. They could have used typical looking clowns and that would have been eerie enough, but these killer klowns, the costumes used to make them look monsterous are the kind of shit that gives you nightmares

its intresting. There’s is this dude in the movie John VerĂ´n who plays a stuck up cop with a stick up his ass. In the same year this film comes out, he plays Mr. Big in I’m Gonna git you Sucka, a parody and satire on blaxploitation films by Keon Iroy Wayans. In that movie they make him seem like he’s is or was a big star doing a cameo in a black exploitation film that was beneath his caliber. I never fully understood this scene because I don’t know who this guy is and the fact that he did Killer Klowns in the same year makes it even more senseless.

Nowhere as good as I thought the film was going to be, it’s a sub average movie with an above average niche that makes it intresting to seek out.

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