Beyond Skyline

I’m as equally impressed as I am equally disappointed in the film.

Beyond Skyline is a sequel to a movie I saw a long time ago just once in the movie theater. I remember it being OK, and  being far more impressed after hearing what the filmmakers had to go through to get their movie into theaters. Skyline felt like a movie made by Playstation fans for Playstation fans and that’s great cause I’m a Playstation fan.

Beyond Skyline dos not really go beyond Skyline ( Well, unless you take into account that the movie does not take place in a tall building which is where I think the title comes from). It more so extends what Skyline was doing (like a good Sequel should) adding things to the movie that they could not in the first. Skyline Beyond takes place almost immediately after the events of Skyline with Frank Grillo leading an ensemble cast as the aliens continue their invasion. A little more action focus than the first film, while Skyline has a From Dusk Till Dawn feel to it, starting out about two old friends reconnected at a party after years apart and turns into Independence Day, Beyond Skyline is all about the invasion. some what like a Zombie movie, for the most part we learn about most of the characters as the people from all walks of life bond over the big problem they all face. Not limited to a building, Beyond Skyline also takes you from LA to the alien ship and even to Indonesia, and tells us more about the aliens and why they have come to Earth. Just a lot more to it.

A lot more. Influenced not only by video games, but the trend of blockbusters of recent times, Beyond Skyline tries to be The Avengers, the Transformers, and Star Wars all wrapped into one. I thought they did a great job putting all those elements into one film by having the characters in a situation that always escalates. Just when you think the movie reached it’s top peak, that’s when it gets bigger, but as it escalates it gets corny, It’s not a problem if I was eleven, but as an adult it can get a little ridiculous.

The only reason why I have a real problem with that is because of Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhian, two Indonesian martial artist and actors who broke through the scene in The Raid in 2012. When I saw they were in the film it instantly got better, as the two battled against giant robot aliens, which has been something I wanted to see every since the two made a cameo in Star Wars: the Force Awakens. Be careful what you wish for, however, cause while it was a great fantasy on paper it is a good example of how the movie just kept getting bigger an cornier.

Well, bottom line, the movie is not for everyone (obviously). Once again I love the blood and sweat that went into this. The visual effects were great, I like the story and they had a fantastic cast. Martial arts fighting and battling robots can be cool and cheesy at the same time.  I enjoined it cause I’m able to tap into the game loving eleven year old who equally wants to play the movie as much as he wants to watch it, but I can see why this movie did not get a bigger release than it did.




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