Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

An short film with a great story.

So Olaf’s Frozen Adventure is the animated short that accompanies Disney and Pixar’s newest masterpiece, Coco. I wanted to give it it’s own article because it’s one of the longest animated shorts they’ve ever did. I’m use to seeing that short before the main animated feature in order to make the feature long enough to be called one, but this semi-sequel to Frozen, at a half hour long, actually makes the whole experience over two hours, technically. It’s almost like a double feature.

Like the title suggest, the movie is about Olaf, the snowman who acted like a pet sidekick in the film, Frozen (Even though the movie already had a pet sidekick in the form of the deer that tried to eat Olaf’s carrot noise in the trailers for the movie).

Anyway, when the two princess realize that their world of isolation left them with no Christmas traditions, Olaf attempts to find some by asking the town folks about the ones they do, and as such, tells a fictional account of how we started doing all the things we do to celebrate Christmas. It was a clever story, which was enhanced by the humorous Olaf.

The actual feature, Coco seemed to be without any real catchy tunes you would expect from a Disney picture (Ironic as the film is about music). Instead they seemed to use the short to make up for this with every single character having a tune to sing (so that’s about four songs).

I’m good with a few songs in an animated movie, especially one as entertaining as  Olaf’s Frozen Adventure. Coco is so great that you don’t need any extra added intensive to go out and watch it, yet Olaf’s Frozen Adventure is as much worth seeing as the feature it’s connected to.

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