Another rad animated movie from Pixar.

Yeah, I think we have another classic on our hands here.

So, I want to use another draft for Olaf’s Frozen Adventure. I’m use to Disney and Pixar showing a short animated film before the feature to make the movie longer, but this is the first time the short actually made the animated feature two hours. It was almost like I watched a double feature here.

I’ll try to stick to CoCo even though Frozen 1.5 as it should have been called was a spectacular picture on it’s own.

CoCo, was amazing. It may not come to a surprise to anyone that Pixar has up the game yet again.

The story was fantastic. Darker than I would expect, but possibly because it of the content. It was about the Mexican culture’s celebration of the day of the dead pretty much (This may effect revenue in China as I herd they are not fans of showing movies about other cultures perceptions of the undead). It’s very perfectly appropriate for children, however.

No Disney Princess on this one, it was a Prince named Miguel in a perfectly design (Modern day) fairy tale (of an original story based on a Mexican tradition) about a boy who comes from a long line of shoe makers because his great great great grandmother forbid music within the family, as it took her husband away from her, but Miguel’s passion for song causes him to curse himself which takes him to the land of the dead, where he has until sundown to find the family that would give him the blessing to go back to the world of the living without giving up music.

Like every good Disney Prince(cess) Miguel’s journey to the underworld is accompanied by Donte a stray hairless dog that’s seems to resemble a spirit animal. It’s a perfect Disney formula with a lot of cultural flavor to it that makes it special.

The animation was fantastic. Especially, the backgrounds that were beautiful and rich with the heritage that inspired it. It made the animation feel like a moving painting and that’s the best type of animation.

Ironically, the one flaw in the film is that the music is not that memorable. Considering the story is about music. I should not complain as I’m not a fan of musicals, but I did notice that no songs playing got a hold of my soul. It does not hurt that Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, which accompanies the film, is filled with musical numbers and is a semi-Sequel to a movie with a song that I herd little girls rock to on their headsets (Also want to point out that Disney (but not Pixar) had a cool catchy song in Moana, performed by Dwayne Johnson (but I’m biased cause I loved the Rock).

Despite this, as if you need me to tell you how great a movie by Pixar is, let me tell you anyway. This is a winner!

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