The Star

I went into this with no hopes and came out of it with the same, no hope.

Its the greatest story ever told, told horribly.

It was not a bad idea. The Star tells the story of the coming of the king of kings through the perception of the animals involved. It’s the type of approach I remember from Sabbath school. I remember a series of cartoons as a child in which bible stories were adapted using anamorphic animals.


Somewhat at the same thing, but not as well done.

I did like that Mary and Joesph were betrayed as brown skin folks, I won’t lie.  It’s funny how from a reglious standpoint everyone is fine (including Joesph) with Mary’s spontaneous virgin birth and nobody (including Joesph) questioned this part of the story.  Just an odd lesson for a children’s movie.

Anyway, it’s not the best animated feature I’ve seen. It’s too bad snice it had such an all star voice cast and a particularly great soundtrack, but it’s pretty dull overall.

Read the Bible instead.

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