So I must admit I’m slightly disappointed. I saw the cover of I think was the forth installment of this movie series. It looked like there was going to be some nudity in it for sure, but when I saw amazon prime had all the movies, I said that I would start from the first one.

It opens with a Troma logo some I’m like “yes! bring on the boobs!”, but that was not the case. This was more of your straight forward horror flick. A common theme I’m realizing from that late 80s early 90s horror. Basically the whole evil mystical creature like Leprechaun and shit.

Past not getting what I expected the film, its alright, a low budget cross between Warlock and Rosemary’s Baby, about a woman who gives birth to a baby not knowing she birth the next member of a witch’s cult.

Not as cheesy as it may sound but definitely as predictable. Nothing came out of the far right field so nothing in the film shocks you.

Not terrible just falls flat.

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