Boo 2! A Madea Halloween

A very typical sequel, but enjoyable laughs.

So as far as sequels go, this is a very typical one. I went to see Boo 2 because though Tyler Perry movies are not really my thing, I actually enjoined the first Boo, so I took the chance that I would enjoy the second one.

I totally did, too. It’s not as good as the original. As much as I found the original funny, it also had an attempt to show family values in it that was not lost on me. This time around there attempt (If there was one cause I did not see it) was literally taken out to make more room for laughs. In a lot of ways it made the film like the second episode of one of Perry’s shows (Which I like more than his movies), as it seems nobody learned the lesson from the first Madea Halloween.

Case in point, like the original, Boo 2 is about Joe trying to discipline his entitled daughter, Tiffany (Honestly, I feel the bitch that this girl seems to becoming is only a symbol to how successful Joe must be). Once again she defies her overbearing father’s wishes in order to got to a party at midnight in the woods at a camp where a bunch of people got murdered (What kind of idiot would want to go to a party at midnight in the woods on Halloween?). Now I understand the natural urge for a teenager not to want to listen to her dad, but when your aunt is someone like Madea, you would think you would think twice about this woman coming to track you down, especially after what happen in the last movie. What’s even more dumb is the frat that Tiffany got in trouble because Madea came to get her and messed up everything was all but too willing to let her come to the party just because her pussy finally turned eighteen (Diamond White, who plays Tiffany is pretty hot (So is her friend Gabriela ).

Like the last film, the movie focuses on Madea and her old ass friends running into terror and danger while trying to get to Tiffany. The film likes to Parody current themes in horror like with influences in Korean horror and it also pokes a nod to old school Horror with the film taking place at a camp and the underage teens being hunted by a man with a mask and a chainsaw.

Overall, I much prefer the more light hearted Tyler Perry movies (Is there a such word as Tylerverse or Perryverse, cause all his movies and shows are connecting in some way or fashion), Sometimes his stuff can be too over dramatic for me, but I seem to like it when he goes for straight up Sitcom style on us and that’s Boo 2!

It’s crazy and filled with laughs and no matter where it fails compare to the first one, we are there to laugh and that’s what makes this sequel enjoyable.

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