Blood Money

Saw this in the theaters. Showed a trailer at the beginning called Jungle (With Daniel Radcliffe) that looks exactly like the movie I’m about to see.
Maybe a slightly different concept. Four people in the woods. One is trying to find the money he lost at any cost. The other three found that money and want to keep it…At any cost.

Very  straight forward picture with a story that works, but it does not stick out as anything special.

The plot seems more like a thriller but once Cusack officially gets into the mix he’s a very light hearted villain (He looks like a prettier Nick Cage in this). Not a blood trusty bad guy, just a man who wants to keep the hard earn money he stole. (and the overall reason for him being a lackluster villain does makes the picture more interesting) .
The other three actors in where good as well (The kid from boyhood is in it, that’s cool). I loved the realistic interaction of the three people whose friendship was coming apart anyway and how this money dismantled it even further.
Good lesson on how money will fuck you up.

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